Power Supply System+Battery Base



Wondlan 5D II Power Supply System+Battery Base Price & Specs

  • output hyperpressure protection circuit
  • low static energy consumption
  • low temperature coefficient
  • high conversion efficiency
  • automatically locked protection
  • Wondlan Battery Base Plate
  • manufactured from aluminum
  • oriented direction
  • Allow the installation of the power distributor
  • and then a battery
  • allows installation of such batteries Anton Bauer Elipz 10K
  • allow echilibarea rigului
  • allows installation of batteries Steadicam


The Power Support Wondlan 5D II ensures accurate and safe power distribution to the components that you connect to your Wondlan system. The 5D II Wondlan Power Support has three outputs with different voltages of 7.2V and 5v 12v.

– The 12V channel is suitable for delivering power to external LCD screens.

– The 7.2v channel is suitable for delivering power to Canon cameras like the 5D MK II and 7D.

– The 5v channel is suitable for delivering electricity to sound recorders, microphones and the like

Battery Wondlan multifunctional base plate is an aluminum support provided with a joint that can be mounted in different positions on the rig and to allow fitting of a power system or Dynacore Wondlan HDMI splitter and then a V-Mount batteries (for example, BL- Beillen BP150) or Anton Bauer Elipz 10K enabling optimal balance rigului and HD-DSLR system


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